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Ripple Tenatively Declared a Security

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. And I find myself asking…. who benefits the most from throwing a spanner in Ripple's works, and who has the money to pay off judges in courts? I strongly suspect some of the biggest correspondent banks in the USA enjoying this show, and the POTUS is also happy to keep any threats to the USD as the global reserve currency at bay. #myopiniononly

    One thing's for certain…. some people out there really hate Ripple.

  2. California government will try and get their corrupt hands on anything they can dream will help their broke asses. So taxes from a successful enterprise past and FUTURE sounds like the right digits, This is simple folks. There is zero chance XRP will be a security if US governments makes more money with it being a commodity. That result will clear the grey areas. lol simple. Just throw away concepts of a just system, just judgements when $$$$$$ are involved. Cmon nobody believes any different right? How else do politicians make big $$$$$ ?!!!! This whole bitch is rigged. "If you can't beat 'em join 'em" is their pledge to office isn't it? Sure seems like it.

  3. Ripple needs to off the escrow . How is the enterprise valued at a meager 10B considering they can gain $$$$$ selling it? How does XLM look in this department?

  4. This case would be more straightforward if Ripple would have set up anywhere other than California. Why do these presumably smart guys hang out in Silicon Valley with all the crazy laws, taxes, politicians, and liberal courts?

  5. I bought/exchanged into it because it’s money. I have no interest reversing the process. I’ll be spending it as XRP. Adoption will facilitate this. Any selling/bailing out of XRP will just ad downward pressure to it’s value.

  6. as a retired court lawyer, this video doesn't amount to anything legally helpful atm .. with respect Sam .. I won't go into it (retired), but Nothing on the Security issue has been determined, nor does the paperwork seen indicate anything .. just wait .. Ripple will kill this .. everything else in relation to this atm is FUD, and worthless

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