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Ripple. The Bulldozer of Crypto.

Daily XRP News
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Currently, crypto is in an undeniable bull market regardless of the most recent pullbacks in price. For the veteran holders among us, it is a well deserved time to reap some profits from the tough bear market that plagued us starting in early 2018. If you’re an XRP holder you might have different feelings regarding this bull market due to the price setback stemming from SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit. I get that but remember that Ripple and XRP are about the big picture. They are about building real value and technology that can change the world. Even with the SEC pointing a gun at their head Ripple is still pushing forward to expand their ecosystem, as real leaders do.

Most recently Ripple has hired Matt Hamilton as their new Director of Developer Relations. This is a welcomed change for two major reasons. First, Ripple is long overdue for redesigning how they promote and approach developers in efforts to expand the XRPL. Second, Matt Hamilton has been a long term positive commentator in the XRP/XRPL community. His Tweets and feedback amongst holders and developers have been well received and respected over the past years. It’s refreshing to see Ripple hiring someone more of a community member vs. a hired gun. Here is what Matt had to say regarding his new position at Ripple:

People have always applauded Ripple for hiring high profile executives from large banks and regulatory arms of the governments. I agree with that, but sometimes these high-profile hired guns don’t always have the best perspective when it comes to the long-term health of the company or the technology. Matt Hamilton is an excellent choice by Ripple. He is an extremely well-qualified individual, but more importantly, he’s an established community member who truly values the long term interest of Ripple, XRPL, and XRP. He is the hybrid hire and a very unique addition to their already powerful team. He will likely bring a lot of change and fresh ideas to the table and we are excited to see how this all plays out.

Regardless of the obstacle (SEC) Ripple seems to be the bulldozer of crypto. Nothing can stop their momentum and raw power to bring the world to its heels. I am glad to be along for the ride as it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Daily XRP News