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  1. That guy at the WEF sounds like someone that would be in a movie , like "LEFT BEHIND". Is there money to be made ,? , most definitely . Will this somehow be mandatory to he able to buy or sale ? Chances are very good the chip we all have on debit and credit cards are only the prelude of what's to come . It's gut wrenching if you are a Bible believer , which I am. If you dig deep into what the World Economic Forum is all about and has planned , I'd imagine you might not be as excited . New World Order is a One World Governance and you and I are not nor ever will be a Governor nor have a say in the way they govern. America for all her problems still was the greatest the world had ever seen. I'm gonna miss her , filthy rich or not.

  2. The last few days you have been talking about the interview which was very good and a byproduct of that has been you talking about these investment companies which for some I'm sure is great but what is not great is that you have to be a accredited investor and if I had to guess I would think at least 60% of the people who listen to your channel don't qualify and I'm sure some dont even know what that is, I agree the plan is to educate as many as possible to push forward mass adoption but people who have xrp still need the information about xrp like the Rothschild, jeckell island, different banking families etc etc, this is your channel and the direction it goes is up to you but I'm hoping you don't get a pat on the back and leave that type of info behind at least make another channel for those who can take advantage of the accredited investor opportunities and one that stays grounded in xrp the reason I say that is because your research is very good and you talked about stuff others wouldnt touch and its great that Eri and others enjoyed the interview but we wont get Rothschild information out of them for nothing I use rothchild but I really mean how you researched names and found connections, that was your bread and butter and now you moving up and That's wonderful but the bread and butter got you here and its some that still like to know about the NWO so to say, thats just my 2cents, I can see a future were all that's talked about is only what accredited investors can participate in, the people at the table might not want you to talk about certain things and people that you once spoke freely about because one thing I can tell you is the connections you made go way deeper then linqto and any other company like that, who knows you might mess around and find out some of the banking families have their hand in that too, money is great and when alot of people get it its even better and I hope every xrp investor becomes an accredited investor in the future but for now I'm sure that most that look at your channel don't qualify yet. I just thought of something a great question for next time is it anyway that these same opportunities can be offered to people who are not accredited investors Mr.Kidd because its a lot of people who would like to take advantage but don't qualify and if it isnt what could we do to influence that law to change? I love the last dude he sound like Arnold and he touched on some good topics racism being a big one.

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