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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
Daily XRP News
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  1. Absolutely no connection to Xrp.. Ripple might be around.. while ripple the company enjoys selling their Xrp bags on you guys every month..

    Really think big banks going to give up that easily.. name me one bank… that’s actually using xrp ..? Not remittances.

  2. This guy bearable bull is an absolute idiot, he makes these nonsense videos.. just like you and most of youtubers that make crypto videos.. I get it it’s ok to be positive about ripple xrp. But he just straight spreads up lies and hype things up, mean my god he’s reading tweets from twitter.. as his main source of news..

    As of right now ripple xrp isn’t even being used by big major players..

    It’s only small remittances companies. Like a couple company.

    You have to ask yourself if ripple xrp is so great why is it taking them so long to get banks to use xrp…. they say they’re the fastest, they’ve said it’s faster than bitcoin and almost every other cryptocurrencies..

    Yup xrp has been around about 10 years and yet Xrp is still in the pennies.. don’t be so Naive people. The reality is that xrp is worthless.. I could be wrong I could be right.but as of right now it’s worthless.. and price says it all.. you can make excuses and say oh it’s building it’s foundation! ripple might be around.. and doesn’t need Xrp to succeed.! They sell technology to banks. Just like how Xrp doesn’t need ripple.
    Also don’t be watching videos of people who ask to like and subscribe to their channel, and ask for donations . It’s good to be optimistic.. but stop spreading lies.. and on top of that getting political.. like bringing trump into the whole Xrp.. that’s just atrocious, and misleading. The whole cryptocurrency space needs to grow up.

  3. I don't think El Chappo had a Nano Ledger and protected keys, he was cash and cash and …. more cash. Just saying. Could you imagine the Mafia using a Nano Ledger, losing keys and busting knees. c'mon. Cash was used, wonder why Steve Mnuchin is playing? Hmmm

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