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Ripple V SEC Sept 19th ENDGAME In Sight

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September 19th, 2022 is the new day that the XRP community is raging about. Today, both the SEC and Ripple have filed a joint proposal to govern sealing issues relating to the upcoming summary judgement motions to be filed in this case. This information has come out merely 4 hours prior to this article being written.

This is information is coming directly from one of the leading legal commentators of the Ripple V SEC case @FilanLaw who provides weekly updates on new Ripple V SEC documents as soon as they are released to the public.

From one of the three documents that were published today you can see on one of them here shows Sept. 19th being a very important date because minimally redacted versions of the briefs in support of the summary judgement motions will be filed publicly.

Another leading attorney from the XRP community, Jeremy Hogan, who has over 150K subscribers on YouTube where he makes exclusively Ripple V SEC update videos, decided to chime in about this breaking information.

He is essentially telling us that the end game is in sight, and that we must mark September 19th on our calendars because we will be seeing most of the cards that both parties are holding up their sleeves.

We will keep you updated here at The XRP Daily as soon as the documents are officially & publicly released on September 19th (which maybe will contain more information about the Hinman ETH Gate?). It has been quite the rollercoaster fighting the Securities and Exchange Commission, but we will come out on top of this war against this agency that is full of nothing but overreaching regulation and misconduct.

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