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Ripple XRP: 🔮 PREDICTION – How Many XRP Hodlers Are Going To Sell 100% Of Their XRP Between $4-$10?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Wrong!! no one is going to cash out at $1 to $10. Why? Makes no sense. Why even invest in XRP? Most of us are in the long haul.

  2. seriously with,, all the shit is going on , and the control with the vaccin passport ,, do you really thing the laws . are not gonna change ,, or life its self is gonna change ,, @ 10 ,, 15 buck sell and kepp 25% in case ,, juste in case,,,, live your life folks ,,, dont wait ,,

  3. Sell 5% if it hits 20 but HODLING for the long term because then I have my stake money and profit out and then I am only risking house money.

  4. When it hits ten I will observe the market. My first sell is $17. I will sell 1000. When it hits $100 I will sell 1000. After that I will play the long game and wait for $1000 then I dump 6000 while holding the last 2000 for whatever. I will triple my investment at $17. So the rest is icing on the cake.

  5. 75% plus will sell between $7-10, its human nature… For most middle class people that’s going to feel like life changing money..

    Psychologically the fear of pain out ways joy, most will sell for fear of “losing what they have” versus holding for the future opportunity for more… And that IMO is when the rich swallow the market & start buying major amounts of XRP. They’ll accumulate massively after clarity & after the “peasants” have gotten their peanuts…

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