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Ripple XRP: 🟢 Will The FED Be Responsible For Green Lighting XRP?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Now watch Ripple find evidence on them that could destroy Xrp an try to settle but nope it’s to late to settle bring that ass here boy 😂 Sec gonna say to Brad and crew

  2. Can't be federal reserve, bunch of bs. Unless they are in fact merged with US TREASURY based on previous EO by Trump. I would say the US TREASURY has the authority over currency. And if that EO merged the 2. Then yes federal reserve and TREASURY collectively could provide clarity.

  3. I appreciate your approach to teaching. I've been quite unsure about investing in this current market and at the same time I feel it's the best time to get started on the market, heard some guy speaking of making over $300k from a $180k capital since the pandemic and I'm driven to ask what skillset and strategy can generate such profit

  4. Has anyone done any accounting of how many banks have partnered with Ripple to use the RippleNet or XRPL? Also, how much money these banks will transfer through it? Let’s say it totals $1 Trillion being transferred in and out. That’s $20 XRP. Or $40 if it’s debits and credits. Just waiting to flip the switch.

  5. Tons of Moroccans living in The Netherlands. Rotterdam is not a Dutch city anymore. We have Moroccan gangs in Amsterdam. A lot of the hashish comes from there. We had a huge problem with organized bike theft a few years ago. I had 4 bikes stolen within a year. Gangs were going through our neighborhoods with vans and scooping up bikes. So where did all our bikes go? The police found warehouses full of stolen Dutch bikes in Morocco. Luckily they put a stop to this. I haven’t had a bike stolen since. The gangs remain, but I guess they are busy with other crime. They tag historic buildings with graffiti to mark their territory. I wish the police would put a stop to this, but I assume the police are somewhat complicit. The criminals tag their names and should be easy to catch if they wanted to.

  6. Hello, I live in Bunbury Western Australia and wanted to share some interesting news regarding Ripple and the Westpac Bank. I've been trading digital currencies for a few years now and just recently Westpac have removed the option to use Poli instant online payment method for purchasing XRP. Found this very interesting as are the banks starting to wind back the options for easy purchase of XRP. Interested in what your thoughts are. Best Regards Stix (Kurt Hardstaff)

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