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Ripple XRP: πŸ€” Is The SEC Aiming To Deem All Cryptos Securities & Will It Actually Affect XRP?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. THE REAL FARCE AND DANGER IS THE CB DC….FED is a private monopoly, not the govt…the constitution forbids anyone but govt from printing money…

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  3. if XRP is securities, does it mean all securities sold by Ripple to institutions will be converted to XRP? Meaning more XRP sold. I think it is still a good news? Does it mean either way it's going to be a good news for XRP holders?

  4. Not sure why you still reference charts, they are only good for analysis of history… Out of the thousands of different studies and forecast, none have ever been proficient, ever. Just the news please

  5. The so called beer flu has nothing to do with the economy. The FED stated in June 2020 that this was a planned partial shutdown of the economy in the second quarter. If you want to blame anyone blame the government, they are the ones that caused the problem along with the FED. As for leaving the US, there are far more pluses than minuses. You can have a far higher standard of living and you can place your finances were they are treated best or you can continue to stay and get fleeced.

  6. Ripple was funded by VCs but if they got xrp in return… The funny thing is that the xrp community only has hope in Ripple. There is no great project running in the XRPL, Sologenic trash, Flr we are still wating, sgb trash, casino coin and the others trash…

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