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Ripple XRP: 🤠 🌵 Will We See 1 More “Wild West” Trading Year For Crypto Before A Clamp Down?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Crypto is mainstream when: I walk into a Starbucks and they overtly ask and entice me to pay for a grande blond with crypto. They give major discounts paying with crypto. Eventually it becomes so widespread certain cryptos gain parity with fiat money. IOW prices are posted in crypto amounts based on "certain crypto" becoming a global reserve/recognized currency……i.e., 30 Drops or 300 Stroops for said grande blonde!!!

  2. Dude, that thumbnail lol. Still watching daily WMC, even if i dont always get time to comment, i still leave a like to thank you for the consistently great discussion! Thanks man!

  3. Stop buying the Hype from the SEC…..this space is not the lawless wild wild west as they would have you believe!
    The CFTC has this space covered just fine. The SEC needs to get back into their lane…..they already have enough on their plates……SEC, how about Joe Lubin over at Consensus? Sound like that little Rat is out of hand and thinks he can get away with anything he wishes……please show that fool he can not? Prison for Joe Lubin sounds really good right now. For all the screwing us United States citizens over. For screwing the XRP holders over. And for market manipulation and corruption of the entire Crypto/Blockchain Space. Everyone into Crypro/Blockchain should be furious with this guy! He has brought great shame to this space. He has brought JP Morgan style market corruption to this beautiful space…..shame on Joe Lubin!!

  4. I’m not an economist or financial expert in anyway, but I’m human and pay attention, and believe with out a shadow of doubt, a black swan is staring us in the face. Just as COVID was released as the black swan event and blanket excuse to keep the system afloat with massive injections of liquidity. Their coming black swan event will be designed to reset the system as we’ve been hearing… Keep eyes out for war and/or “cyber attack” on grid, GOV institutions or banking system of course blamed on China and or Russia or some rouge nation. before believing their well crafted narrative that will Pervade every news channel, remember 9/11 and weapons of masses destruction. Lies all lies!

  5. I suspect we'll see an only slightly wilder west this year. The SEC's moves are like a hotwire fence with just enough current to keep the cattle from crossing into the main yard… yet. The crypto community making itself heard as a defacto lobbying force has probably given Gensler et al some pause. Also, the SEC can't act like a thug anymore what with an Executive Order coming soon and sudden interest from Congress ($$$) and the increasing buy-in from institutional types indicating a transition off Wall Street. In fact, it feels like the regulations are being slow-walked precisely to allow some parties to feast on 100X returns before the Great Reset.

    Finally, who else thinks the reset will also smoothly (magically!) dovetail with the resolution of the SEC v. Ripple case? I just hope they text all of us the lyrics to "Kumbaya" so we can sing along.

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