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Ripple XRP $10-$15 2018 ANYTHING Can Happen In Crypto

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. Whole 2018 about to pass and only one month is left to start 2019. In 11 month it’s not reach to $1 and how it could reach to $10 in one month I don’t know
    I think it rather go down till 0.24

  2. The fundamentals for XRP are the same as they were this time last year, when it was pumped to suck in dumb money, then it burst when the whales pulled out. Even if XRP does take off as a replacement for the current banking system, what do the 'coins' represent? They aren't 'currency' in and of themselves, like Bitcoin is. I learned last year that there is literally no rationality to this Crypto market. I was lucky enough to get out with my original investment after seeing a paper profit of £11k (UK) disappear. If I'd 'hodled' I'd be down a lot more. I since bought small amounts of various cyptos as speculations , largely because I think they'll be pumped again at some point. However, after following various Youtube channels with their highly detailed geometric formulas derived from coin price graphs (and their resulting invariably wildly inaccurate predictions), I've concluded that this is a psuedo science based on psuedo currencies

  3. If a Crypto is doing well and a investor needs to withdraw approximately 5-10% of every 3 months or so just help pay expenses, how does that withdrawal affect long term accumulation? I just need some math help or a general procedure in understanding it all. Thank you.

  4. Hi. I just think we should not be disappointed when we see only $ 5 or less at the end of the year.$ 500 or more was a beautiful dream for this year 🙂 The most powerful banking families on the planet would be hard for us to pay $ 500 this year. Let's concentrate on Christmas holidays 🙂

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