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Ripple XRP: $100 Trillion Innovation

Daily XRP News

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Ripple Europe innovation

Daily XRP News
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  1. Remind people to be realistic, too. Not that I am a genius, but I can't believe how many idiots there are in this space now. People taking advice from anonymous bears, 589ers and now 10k – give me a F'in break. I guess all those peeps are smarter than David Schwartz and the other Ripple exec. (Stanford economist) they said they see a top end at between $40 to $120 dollars.

  2. I don't think the JPM coin is a major threat, but I do believe it will take some market share even if it's only within their organization. And unfortunately JP Morgan is huge

  3. Toast is crazy secure, used it previously and couldn't access my offline wallet unless my home Wi-Fi IP address was detected 👌 very useful if you loose your phone or laptop etc..

  4. Another great video oz…I have all my crypto on my nano but have friends leaving theirs on coinspot … believing coinspot is safe as… thoughts?!

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