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Ripple XRP 38,000% Gains Are Just The Beginning

Daily XRP News

This video is made by DM Logic.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Okay so with the current price your saying it will gain 38.000% That would be around $114 How are you so sure when no one can really predict it? We all didn't saw the huge drop coming that is still recovering

  2. Say what you want, XRP is not decentralized, its completely centralized, the Bankers that you just mentioned with there Castles looking over Liechtenstein premined all XRP tokens and only circulated aprox 10% of the tokens and held on to the remaining 90% if we are partners in a company and I own 90% of that company and you own the remaining 10% does your 10% really matter???? Hell to the No! XRP Ripple is just another Rothschild style monopoly just on the Crypto Digital side……Can you say PUMP AND DUMP over and over again……SMH Cryptos need to be Decentralized in order for we the small people with small wallets to be able to take back control…..WAKE UP PEOPLE! XRP will Rise and fall again then rise and fall again, then rise and fall again…..its there game with there rules and you are invited for one reason only, that's because you are the main attraction.. . You and your wallet of course. If XRP is so valuable and invest worthy then how come these rich bankers and investors aren't buying XRP tokens? How come the price of XRP isnt rising as a reflection of there big wealth from all these deep pocket whales that are saving boat loads of taxes in Lichtenstein? I will tell you why! Because they aren't buying XRP they are investing on you buying it and they pump and dump…people we fall for this every time. Wake the fugg up!

  3. Digital Nomad Investor  ……..I fear nothing of man sir, I fear God and God only. I am just fully aware of the entire financial fractional reserve banking scam from Jekyll Island back in 1913, and the follow up to the plan created IRS back in 1914 to assist in carrying out the greatest scam known to mankind, which is why i believe in Precious Metals and Decentralized Cryptos. For kicks and giggles I'll play along with you. Sure I'll promote XRP, I will promote how frantic the bankers are at playing catch up to BITCOIN. What you and the bankers hate is the loss of control, and the dominance in people becoming critical thinkers. The future will prove the past. XRP is not DECENTRALIZED period! Your next video should be how you describe and show how XRP is Decentralized! SHOW IT!!! PROVE IT!! Also if you are so much of a Crypto Supporter, how come the only token you promote is XRP????? Most of us that are in the crypto sphere and have been for many years now, speak on multiple cryptos and what each brings to this very important technology. You on the other hand my eloquently speaking friend, have your binoculars zoomed in on nothing else but XRP? I wonder why that is sir! I've owned BTC since it was $170, I support DGB, LTC, ETH, DASH, PLR, etc for what they bring to this very important tech community, which is a direct reflection of my support and belief in the technology for how it brings power to the people. Now please sir in your buttery smooth deliverance of explanations, tell your listeners what XRP brings to the Crypto community that is game changing, and giving the power back to we the people!……..Go ahead sir I'm still Listening as are your subscribers 🤔

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