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Ripple XRP: A DEEP Dive Into NESARA/GESARA & XRP Moving The World To The Gold Standard

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Daily XRP News
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  1. This was signed into law by President William Jefferson Clinton in 1993. And was to be announced by Alan Greenspan on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. this has been kept out of the peoples knowledge far to long … Restore our original Constitution that you ordered to be done.. Think about that one for a second. Twin towers went down and the 3rd building…. ie building 7 held all the computers that held the data on nesara.

  2. Here's a ton of research on NESARA GESARA I have done. NESARA/GESARA and TRANSFORMATION NEWS




    RV = ReValuation of Currencies

    GCR = Global Currency Reset

    Ushers in #GESARA = Global Economic Security And Reformation Act and #NESARA = National Economic Security And Reformation Act

    This is Global and it’s rolling out NOW!

    The RV/GCR is one element of Global Freedom that will help abolish the world wide Debt Slavery system.

    1) Exciting Financial news: SHARE!

    I don't know about anyone else, but I am very excited about the upcoming economic boom! So much is going on in the world. Let's focus on the GOOD! In case you haven't heard, President Donald Trump, during his speech on June 5 in the Rose Garden, announced that the second stimulus will be greater than anyone expected!

    2) Oh, it gets better! Read on!

    Every citizen in the United States will have our own treasury account held within the United States Treasury Department. We will each receive a debit card from the US Treasury. This enables the Treasury to inject money directly into our individual accounts. In this way, we will be able to bank during the Pandemic! Check out the link here:

    3) The USMCA agreement goes into effect on July 1! This is a trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada! (Just in time to have a glorious 4th of July celebration)!

    4) Businesses which had left America and went to China are now returning home, thus providing jobs and stimulating the economy!

    The Fed Reserve has been absorbed by the US Treasury Dept. This means that the US Treasury Depart now handles all monetary issues.

    This fulfills Constitutional Law that only the US Treasury Dept can handle monetary issues and minting of money! (Not a private corporation). Bye bye Rothschild controlled-Fed Reserve. We're free!

    5) Speaking of freedom, the IRS is currently being dismantled, via House Resolution (HR 25).

    Furthermore, we are currently returning to the gold standard, via House Resolution (HR 5404), because gold and silver are defined as money, according to the Constitution for the United States of America.

    Over 12 states already accept gold and silver as legal tender. More states will follow. Yes, we have gold. Gold will end the Fed. ~ Q

    6) Two hundred and nine countries agreed behind the scenes to return to the gold standard. This gold is coming from various sources.

    A record amount of gold was recently imported back into the USA from Switzerland.

    7) The Philippines holds the world's second largest gold reserves. This gold has been stored for centuries. This gold will be used to back 209 countries' currencies.

    8) The Saint Germain's Trust, Gold in Africa, gold in China, gold in the Grand Canyon, etc will also be used to back all 209 countries' currencies. (Note the recent agreements between China and Zimbabwe).

    9) Assets of many of the wealthy who had been involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking and crimes against humanity, have been frozen and retrieved!

    Finally, NESARA-GESARA is slowly being rolled out!

    10) Although the world seems to be in turmoil right now, please know that the Creator is in control. The Earth's Alliance, including Worldwide NESARA White Knights and Global Military White Hats are utilizing this time to make mass arrests and change over our old debt and credit-based financial system to a new gold-backed, Quantum Financial System (See Executive Order 13772).

    Be encouraged! All is well. Keep your vibrations high and give praise to the Creator of All Things!

    In your service, Dr. Kia Pruitt

    #GlobalCurrencyReset #GCR #RevaluationOfCurrencies #RV #EconomicNews #Wealth #NESARA #GESARA #RestoredRepublic #MAGA

    NESARA /GESARA information.



    From the Obama White House page itself.

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