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Ripple XRP: A MoneyGram Sale To Stellar Is Not The Only Outcome – Have You Thought Of This?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I think in a 5d chess move. The initial money gram and ripple was to reserve it for stellar at the right time knowing the sec was about to sue. I believe brad and Chris are that intelligent that they manifest destiny this whole case. Prior during and end. I believe both stellar and ripple share a use with money gram in future hindsight. Brilliant if you ask me. Just brilliantly designed and played by brad Chris and I believe David s. Also jeb. You gotta understand the level of brilliant these four gentleman are. Beyond what the everyday joe and Susan can normally comprehend. I’m not offending anyone because I am average too compared to them

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  4. Just throwing this out there that they just starting hiring for the position to fill Amazon crypto division. So rumour is bs imo. Of course it's in Amazon's best interest to implement asap. And it doesn't take much when you can just throw money at the situation. I'd say Amazon is Google's only competition when it comes the future of payments/crypto/services

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