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Ripple XRP: A Tale Of Two Types Of Crypto – Gensler Goes Off-The-Record While Birla Doesn’t Flinch

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Ah, the SEC who take people to court and tell them to follow the rules, while they bang heads and clash over exactly what the rules are. Hey, maybe if they make it up as they go they can get somewhere, right?

  2. The US saying that they do not want the US Olympic athletes to use the digital Yuan for fear of them being tracked is either due to a lack of understanding regard to China or they are naive. When you enter China your finger prints are taken and your face is registered. They can then track you anywhere you go plus you are only allowed to stay at CCP approved hotels. They will know where you go and what you do so using in the digital Yuan makes no difference. The US is no different than China, it is just a bit better at hiding it.

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  5. As Chair of the SEC, Gensler should not be permitted to make ‘off the cuff’ or ‘my personal’ statements when talking about Securities or Possible Securities. That is pure whimflam, so what is the point of him saying ANYTHING, he might as well just keep his Mouth shut tight, instead of trying to keep the column inches going.

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