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Ripple XRP Accounts Up 291% In July & Why You Should Worry If You Hold XLM

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I’ve had a Wirex card for more than one year now and it’s a great card with great cash back in btc. I like the Wirex exchange too! Low fees and if you have their coins (WXT) you have 50% to 100% discount on the fees! Fantastic! 💪👍

  2. XRP is back to that.30 level we were at a year ago. Which lasted 8 months? Were really NOT AHEAD if you are like me and been holding for 2.5 yrs. Ugggg

  3. Your XLM part was very much unvalidated misinformation from SOME blog..Stripe in the early days backed Ripple also and various confirmed information online.The information you presented was purely based on a blog by an unvetted source and you provided your viewers biased investment advice. You should have done proper research or stayed neutral.

  4. I do not trust any organization that would burn 50% of its coins to pump the price, which in the end btw did not do anything except pumping it for a few days/weeks & crashed back down to the same price. If they truly believe that their coins have any value, they would not have burned 50% of them for no apparent reason at all except to pump the price. I sold all of my XLM a few days after they pulled the stunt. Got a small profit out of that.. not much since the price was already quite a bit down during months of price slide before that.

  5. I have about $20 of XLM from the promotions that Coinbase does from time to time. Other than that I don't intend to put any more money into it.

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