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Ripple XRP: After BlackRock’s Larry Fink Made This Recent Comment, Can We Assume He Holds XRP?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I hope xrp will be used in a NFT game like SLP in axie infinity which is run in ETH . . because i am always annoyed by the gas fee and transfer time . . This will drive the price of xrp up if it will be used in an NFT game.

  2. What I heard Fink say was that the world needs a computer program that can convert a dollar amount of one country into another dollar amount from another in seconds and most importantly free or as close to free as possible.
    What he was talking about was taking one countries CBDC converting it into a different countries CBDC on the spot in seconds and for zero cost or almost zero.
    He wasn't talking about using XRP to bridge those CBDC offerings.
    Oh, Fink is totally aware of Ripple and XRP because Black Rock invested heavily into Ripple the company many years ago!
    My main point is that Fink said he wants a CBDC to CBDC computer program created.
    That is not the same as using XRP as the bridge to convert CBDC's.
    So, why do you & Kevin seem the think Fink is describing the XRP use case exactly? He is describing working without any bridge and just going from CBDC to CBDC. He must not fully understand that there are trust issue by each CBDC using central bank.
    They will never ever create a CBDC to CBDC converter computer program that all parties involved will trust enough to use by everyone. That is why the Nostro, Vostro accounts banks use because of this mistrust between banks, countries and human beings.

    That is why XRP will be such a massive success. And it also frees up billions, possible trillions of dormant capital just sitting in banks around the planet.

  3. He could mean automatic swaps but that still wont cover all the corridors and a bridge would work great in between neutral of all national currencies

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