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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The biggest driving forces for me investing in XRP is to give my mom everything she never had. Before she was 21, she had 3 kids total, worked 2 full tome jobs, was divorced my father while he was prison and did it all as a single mother. Not only would I love to give back and support her financially, my fiancé and I will be setting up our future kids’ college fund and embark on some entrepreneurial ideas. I firmly believe I have bought in early enough to stack up and eventually live the life I never had and give my mom and family the lives they never had. It is people like you, Kevin Cage, and BB who break down the news and do all of the hard research that most of us (me including) don’t have the time to learn about. Your content is amazing and I love hearing how much of a dad you are, considering I don’t know mine. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you out in your channel and your fan base!

  2. Fud is gonna shake out the weak xrp holders. Im not selling, and if the price goes down I'll buy more. Short term I have ZIL, ADA, LINK, CRO, VET 👍

  3. Listened to this guy a year ago and he was saying the xrp was going to skyrocket and now he still thinks it lol his full of it

  4. I bought XRP at 2 cents in 2017 and I sold it at $0.25. It was a great investment. The only reason I made money on it, is because of pure luck. This market is all manipulated and controlled. If you think for 1 second youre going to get rich with XRP youre stupid and that stupidity is why you're never going to be rich. XRP was a way to crowd fund for the company ripple. It will never be some mystical amazing world standard asset. These banks literally have the legal right to print money on demand. They don't give a shit about XRP saving them money or making transactions faster. Thats all bullshit to them. They don't care, makes no difference to them.

  5. XRP has done nothing but decline in price for over 2 years. Its price is even lower than it was before the huge bull run, which shows the bull run prices were obviously not real. It was a huge criminal operation where fake tether was printed and used to pump the entire market. Use you brains dummies.

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