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Ripple XRP And Stellar XLM Partnership?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. Non shilling non hypype, Cardono 5 layer blockchain with the cream of the crop developers. At .04 cents is a steal bar none. Wait till shelly is launched within 4 weeks. King Cardono period

  2. Love XRP and DAI!!! Serious question, though, that I still get confused about. Around the 22-minute mark you spoke about dozens of banks using XRapid. So does that mean those banks buy from the exchanges like we do (Kraken, Coinbase, etc) or will they just buy directly from Ripple? I'm just wondering if we will have to wait until the banks (etc) buy all of Ripples 60B reserve first before we see prices fluctuate. If you've (or someone else) already put out a video about that, would you please send me a link? Anyone can feel free to respond to this. Thanks XRP community!

  3. That's what I like about you DAI! That is what separates you from DM Logic. Never attack anyone, respect them for what they believe in. I'm your subscriber for life.

  4. Big money is coming back in soon. Think about the whales that drove the market cap up x10 last year, and how much they profiteered off the marketplace. That will continue to happen, but more and more exponentially.

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