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Ripple XRP And Western Union Will Discuss Instant Global Payments! XRP Latest News

Daily XRP News

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Will Western Union Adopt XRP? Comment Below! 10,000 Subscriber XRP giveaway soon!

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Partnering with WU would be yet another HUGE milestone for RIPPLE & XRP!

    Even so, can we expect to see the XRP needle move (even slightly) in passing yet another HUGE milestone? (I'm not holding my breath).

    At this point, I don't have the slightest idea of what it's going to take to see XRP make it's move into it's "true value" range.

    I guess it's good that the XRP ship is still in port and is giving everyone as much opportunity as possible to get their ticket for the XRP journey of three lifetimes, BUT, as a passenger who bought my ticket early, I'm more than ready to depart and I've begun to get impatient.

    I've spoken with quite a few people about the fabulous journey that the XRP travel club is about to embark on and nobody seems to want to go on this trip. I've even had people say XRP is "alien technology" & I told them "Yeah, but, We come in peace". LOL

    Many many people are just not ready for what is coming. I almost bought a couple thousand dollars worth of BTC in 2011, but didn't AND REGRETTED IT IN 2017 and THAT'S what woke me up. I educated myself and found XRP!

    I made the decision to not let this opportunity pass me by again! The thing is, MOST people have not had that AH-HAAA! moment yet & are going to miss out on YET ANOTHER golden opportunity (no matter how well it presents itself).

    So, I say, let THIS ship set sail on it's journey already! The rest of the world can catch the next ship if they are smart enough to get their tickets…

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