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Ripple & XRP Are In A Political War With Foreign Powers & Why They Want To Settle BEFORE Feb. 22

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The problem is all exchanges will delist xrp if only accredited investors can deal it.that means your xrp will dissapear…same goes with wallets.your xrp will be gone..I'm buying a ledger and hope I have time to lock it up before it dissapears…we are in trouble…

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  3. It's a reason you have 61 thousand followers and others who haven't been doing this as long as you are way ahead, I believe you mean well but your vision is cloudy, open up and see the big picture , crypto is here for the very opposite of what you believe, the reason the markets securitize everything is to keep everything (that may be profitable) out of the hands of certain people , and even though it's hard to see , it's some in the world who want to put those things back in our hands , ripple doesn't want any entity to control the ledger, how is that accomplished, spread xrp out far and wide , institutional and retail, if you do your research retail was the 1st to have xrp and it was given by ripple, of course things have changed but don't be fooled retail will be involved one way or the other.

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