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Ripple & XRP Are “Securing Dominance” In Remittances Against SWIFT & SBI Holdings Is Flaunting It!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Does anyone know if there is an airdrop from XLM, as I received and e-mail stating round 3 airdrop and could receive 2500. Is this a scam can't seem to find anything on this airdrop

  2. Gene Simmons is cool and all but I'm not interested in what he has to say about XRP or Ripple. I've been investing for the past 3 years and now I need Gene Simmons to validate my crypto purchases. No way. I'd rather listen to him talk about his restaurant's or his music…

  3. You guys do not even get it how bad Ripple is doing with XRP . Remember 3 years ago Ripple / XRP army was going around and telling you how it was going to take over SWIFT . Ripple was supposed to take over 6.7 Trillion per day business . That included FX and Cross border payment . You do not even hear these any more . Why , because it failed miserably . Now Ripple goal is to survive on bread crums which is cross border remittance which is about $2 billion per day . If XRP were to do 100% of that volume XRP utility value would be a penny or two . Ripple does not have a chance to get FX and Cross border payment business so they are trying to get Remittance business which banks were not even interested because it was not worth it .That is why Western Union and Moneygram got in that business . Most of the banks in the United States do not do remittance to Mexico , may be 1 or 2 bank might still be doing Remittances . XRP did $2 billion in ODL transaction volume in 2020. That is pathetic . When Susan Athey came up with her $6.37 price evaluation that was based on $95 billion per day in transaction volume and you have ODL vol. $2 B. per year . Wake up and get off those hopium pills . Then you will see things very clearly . It is not Flaunting , it is embarrassing !

  4. $0xMR is a mineable privacy focused project on Ethereum with no premine or dev wallet. It's impossible for the devs to dump on your, exit scam or rugpull because they don't control token issuance. 0xMR cannot be tracked, shorted, banned, blacklisted or delisted. It's also regulatory compliant as there were no funds raised from the public and there is no company or foundation behind it that can be sued. It's a completely decentralized store of value managed by the community.

  5. Well analyzed as always. I've seen a lot of newbies enquire as to whether or not it is too late to buy cryptos especially BTC, ETH, litecoin and maybe XRP…most having the intention to hodle these assets. though analysts have noted that BTC and ETH are set for big wins this year, a major surge is in place, though I must say trading offers far more benefits than just holding, for one it is never too late to buy an asset when you are trading, a good trader or a trader working with good signals and trade indicators can make for greater gains and even accumulate more cryptos. Over the space of 3 months trading I've been able to accumulate about 120k(usd) worth of btc, using trade signals from analysts, signals from Sebastian's service provides for better profits than any I have tried, his guide and signals has been instrument to my trade session successes. Sebastian's whatsap (+44782861037) and telygram (@sebastianbryan) for crypto issues.

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