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Ripple XRP: Are The 9 Executives Leaving Ripple Something XRP Investors Should Worry About?

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. What's interesting is regardless of why employees leave Ripple none have chosen to report negative press regarding the company or digital asset. On the contrary.

  2. With so many leaving in the same chunk of time I get this feeling perhaps as the “flywheel” was set in motion we are onto a knew phase requiring different skill sets. Project/phase complete and new ones begin. I can also think of a couple reasons that makes no sense. Who knows probably all leaving for different reasons. But the timing got me thinking

  3. They're over the bay area life commute hours can total to 3-4 hours a day. Rent is $1,500-2000 for studio and $2,500-4000 for a 1 to 2 bedroom aprmemt

  4. Those 9 executive leaving Ripple does not bode well for Ripple or XRP . The price action of XRP tells you everything you need to know . The SWIFT will not be interested in Ripple . Swift is just doing fine . Swift has double digit growth over last three years . Ripple has not even put a tiny dent in SWIFT's share of market . Ripple can only give you so much of hopium and finally Ripple is running out of it . No wonder these executives are running away . We have seen the high in XRP and not likely to visit that high for at least a decade . It does not mean that One can not profit from XRP . If it moves to $1 then it is up 5X . Unfortunately most of XRP holders are averaging down for last 2 years and those might have to wait for a long long time just to break even . There are many waiting for $100 , $589 or $1000 , those people may just have to wait little longer probably a century .

  5. That Judge was told to hold its tongue, until the arena is ready to flip all the switches. This is same reason for SEC holding their decision. World and Government powers at work, Rothchilds, etc. They don't want to let the sheep in yet! IMHO

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