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Ripple XRP: Are U.S. Cities Doing Their Due Diligence? Why Are They Comfortable Accepting XRP?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. We're still a long ways off mass adoption if people are willing to accept BTC and ETH as a payment though. They are after all POW, they're highly inefficient, power hungry and not to mention the fees. Go green or bust.

  2. Why bring up Nium? its not like they are using xrp or ripplenet, they prefer direct partnerships without ripple.

    Just because a company is "ripplenet enabled" or a ripplenet partner doesnt mean they use ripplenet in every new product/service/ partnership they come out with. The fact is many "ripplenet enabled" companies never made it past internal tests nor have any plans to.

  3. Any of you liberals notice that the conservative states are leading the charge? This is what happens when you let industry lead instead of government dependency. God help us all if Boden gets his wish for capital gains taxes. Oh, thats okay, you should pay your fair share right?
    43% + state tax seems fair right? Aint it funny how things change when the rules affect you?

  4. XRP the dark knight will rise,if all the xrp army in the world can participate and win the battle against SEC it is gonna be an end game SEC,SEC Clayton cause a lot of trouble for xrp holders he must be accountable for hes wrong doing

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  6. The city is accepting XRP. That is so cool.
    I think we will see some changes 2021-2022. So excited! HODL – strong! Awesome contents – thank you.

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