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Ripple XRP: Are We At The Beginning Of The “Run” Phase In Ripple’s Grand Plan?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Woaw that last piece of information about the ripple' strategy was awesome. It kind of shows how much we have already advanced on this path.
    I am starting to get it : eventual closing in crisis, SEC decision happening on 23rd septembre, the soon to begin 4th quarter, the full amount of xrp created ; -> once each and every dots are connected in your mind, a great mastermind'ly prepared plan appears before your eyes.

    Thanks alot again, this vision of mine is half partly thanks to you
    Be well

  2. BRAVO WMC! Great point on us being focused on what Ripple is doing with regards to XRP, and missing all the other projects/possibilities/use cases where XRP can be used! I also love Mark Philips perspectives on Ripple and XRP. IMO he's a very intelligent guy and has deep insight into the inner workings and the strategic plan of Ripple to advance the company to meteoric heights.

  3. How does Ripple move banks and F I’s from xcurrent to xrapid? Do they just shut down xcurrent and force them on xrapid? We as holders don’t make anything from xcurrent when a bank is using fiat

  4. Hi WMC i love your channel thanks so much for your infomation on XRP ;o) BUT when you say that xrp is not a currency you use everyday , I already do ???? i have an app called REVOLUT and with there metal plan there is crypto inbeddet and i just use my mastercard and when i buy somthing the app just deduct from my XRP holding instantly at the current internet rate !!1 that way i move all my salery from my danish account to my revolut account and change into XRP ;o) that way if the price i mooning wihle i sleep i did not miss out , it is working fantastic !! feel free to use my link ;o)!G10D21

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