Ripple XRP: Are We In A Bull Market Or Not? & Ripple Engaged With 50 Governments Worldwide!

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Excellent presentation- loading up on XRP at this ridiculous prices- folks are so impatient and that's from lack of experience in how the equity and crypto market works.. Have a great weekend..

  2. sadly i think it is being held back by powers in control as all the good news and it just drops it just not funny anymore and 95% of the hype fom Yt twiter gets painfull to watch as the priccce keeps fulling

  3. I figure XRP may not go much of anyplace until the economy finally gives way. I also think they are doing everything they can to limp that failing economy past the 2020 elections. You could look at Ripple vs Bitcoin about the same as the Silver vs Gold ratio. Gold starts climbing as things fail, while silver sits back and does nothing. The when gold gets real high Silver slingshots up from an extreme under value to the best investment you could have made.

  4. Firstly it’s self evident that a higher price brings greater liquidity. Secondly a higher price increases Ripple net worth. Thirdly they have said they would like a higher price multiple times. Fourthly their staff have privately indicated it needs to be in whole dollar double digits to achieve even a fraction of what they are aiming at.

    Lastly there is no reason that Ripple would want price stability other than when it’s at a global usage plateau. The daily volatility does not impede Xrapid. They are not holding it down waiting for mates to get on board. The nonsense that’s sprouted about all that is merely the rambling thoughts of foolish retail investors.

    XRP and XRapid can function right now… but it’s far better for its customers if the price is higher and global liquidity is greater.

    In the same way that a mountaineer doesn’t stop climbing just because she reached base camp, Ripple have a long way to go and 30c ain’t the summit. There is no guarantee they will achieve the results they are after, but this is the end of the beginning… not the beginning of the end.

    All of this is boringly self evident.

  5. XRP is in a bear market. If Brad Garlinghouse's recent "1 Billion Xrapid volume in 2020" is true, then the price of XRP will stay around 30c for another year. This is bad news for XRP investors 👎

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