Ripple XRP Back Below $0.30, Bitcoin Retracement Best Time To Buy & 20% Ripple Contracts To Use XRP

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I feel so sorry for the people that follow all this "ideas" of XRP (NOT RIPPLE) and buying the hype and the speculations. Remember, Ripple is an AMAZING company and XRP is not the same.

  2. Great they are starting to use the correct term "Contract." I was getting sick of this "Partnership" BS!!
    More correct to say they have a deal or contract as they are calling it now. I think it was YouTubers that ran with this term?
    As far as I am aware The Moneygram deal Buy out/in is the closest thing to resemble any kind of real deal in the term Partnership.

  3. The last few videos have been the same rhetoric in defense of xrp. We've reached a put up or shut up moment in cryptos, especially with xrp. No other asset has this much amount of good news coming out every week, and not have a direct influence on positive price movement. Could you imagine if ltc, eos, or tron would have half of the amount of positive news coming out, what that would do to their prices! It makes no sense that in the last 24 hours bitcoin cash can go up by 10% and xrp only 1%. Its obvious manipulation, however, if money gram has begun to utilize xrp for smaller transactions, if 20% of new clients are to use xrp, if Brad Garlinghouse is literraly sitting at the table with the IMF, why in the actual fuck has this not led to short term price increases? Even with Ripple selling xrp otc, this amount of info wouldve made more and more retail investors buy up the asset and influenced the price between 15-20%. Its so stupid to say, "well if you're not willing to wait 2-5 years then you shouldn't invest in xrp", when other projects will make you the same gains in a much shorter timeframe. Can u imagine what the price of Bitcoin will be in the next 5yrs? Ripple is a company who's first obligation is to profit for itself, they don't depend on xrp's success and that's what most retail investors just don't get.

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