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Ripple XRP: BE CAREFUL What Coins You Hold – SEC Ripple Lawsuit Likely To Set Precedent For Altcoins

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. that is so funny i own the unstoppable domains for a couple of porn hub payment addresses . wonder what one they are using or if they would like a deal on mine 🙂

  2. Did yaal know the Biden inauguration wasn't live.. It was pre recorded around 11am… Did you all know Biden isn't really the president… The military is responsible for restoring ligitimate civilian government.. This is why they didn't send for a government plane for president elect Biden… Things are about to heat up…bye bye biden

  3. Something I want to point out. It is a common misconception that Bitcoin & Ethereum have gotten clarity by the SEC. In actuality, neither have gotten anything like that.
    So, those two are in the cross hairs of any 3 letter governmental agency.

    I still get stuck at the fact that FinCen & the US Treasury have both publically stated that XRP is Currency. So how can the SEC come along and sue Ripple after the fact?
    This just leaves all Crypto in the cross hairs of not just the SEC, no it leaves all the other 3 letter agencies to rape & piluge the crypto industry!

  4. it's so rediculous that all coins hang onto bitvcoin.. BTC goes down.. so does the rest.. btc goes up.. so is the rest… isnt there an independent coin geez… it like.. Oil goes down so is the rest of the world stocks.. wtf..

  5. I don't understand. If a whale comes and buys a load of tether with cash, what made them think it was a good idea for them to invest it into the crypto market? Surely that's illegal especially as they are saying its backed by the US dollar. I don't think this is going to end good for them if this is indeed what they are doing. This would mean the massive bitcoin price is literally based on nothing. I think after this dookie hits the fan, part of the clear up will involve gold backed currencies. I am kinda glad I bought GSX at 7c, although I hope to god its not a scam lol

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