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Ripple XRP: Big Investors Keeping Crypto A Secret & APAC Adopts Vechain As Sole Public Blockchain

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Moneygram is only using XRP because it gets compensated by Ripple and that kind of arrangement can not last very long . Moneygram stock reached high of about $6.70 and then dropped to about $1.10 and now about $3.20 . Moneygram has hard time competing with Western Union . I can send money to India by Western Union cheaper and getting more Indian Rupees for Canadian dollar . Western Union gave Rs.5514.62 for $100 and Moneygram gave Rs. 5496.20 for $100 . There is no fee charged by Western Union and Moneygram has $4.99 fee . Western union takes 1 day and Moneygram takes 3 hours to bank accounts in India . Moneygram fee is like 5%if you send $100 but that is fixed up to $990 limit .

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  3. No no no i disagree with you. Investors are investing in ripple the technology to transport data with a blockchain type technology. They are NOT investing in XRP. XRP is a sort of non-ownership share which is centrally managed by a company called Ripple. But Ripple (the technology) and XRP (the altcoin) is different and separated. As long as XRP is centrally managed and not according to a supply-demand principle nothing will happen. And will never reach anything above 50ct.

  4. uphold stopped me from adding funds thru my visa debt card(after two yrs) they said theyre updating their visa card and that i will like whats coming!! hmmmmmm…

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