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Ripple XRP: BitPay Allows Users To Pay With XRP At Major Retailer & Finexus Builds On XRPL

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
Daily XRP News
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  1. K… it may seem like a stupid question, but be kind. I downloaded the Bitpay App for android and i dont see XRP. Can someone link setup instructions for XRP usage with this app? Or is XRP supported yet? I know the deal was made, but has it been rolled out?


  2. Also… I have an Ellipal Titan cold wallet and yesterday i got a payment from an unknown wallet (only .0088). Weird because, nobody exept Ellipal and Coinbase knows my wallet address. Is this some incentive program? Bait scam? Just curious. I hold a good amount of XRP and wanna make sure its safe. Anyone… please advise!

  3. Yes I have a great one for you. I got into cryptocurrency volunteering down in Texas for the Hurricanes. I was helping a gentleman whose house was flooded by the hurricane and he was into Bitcoin. This man was very smart he used to do seismographic readings of the ocean bottom floor for oil rigs. So I figured I should probably keep looking at it. I found xrp on an Alex Cobb video. I had just come from hiking the Appalachian Trail so I really wasn't sure what I had wanted to do yet I went back home and went back to work but hated it. I got an offer to work near the trail so I took it and ran with it. After reading more about xrp I decided to dive in but wasn't making very much money. So I decided that I would take what I learned from hiking the Appalachian Trail and live like a nomad while I worked and filled my bags. I've been going back and forth from Maine an Arizona for the last two or three years. Sleeping in my tent by work at a construction site buying crypto with every paycheck. I also figured I should probably pay off all my debt that way when the crypto does Skyrocket I don't owe nobody anything. Going into 2020 I am very proud and happy to report I have achieved all of this and then some I am so excited about xrp and so glad I stumbled into that man and Alex Cubs video!
    Also I run a campground in Maine life is good

  4. As to your question about why i got into crypto… I started investing in rental properties about 10 years ago and have done VERY WELL, but i kinda missed the BTC boat in the process. 2019 i was in Switzerland and my buddy was showing me his ETH mining setup and having an IT background i was fascinated by the tech. not only as an investment, but for the implications this will have the 3rd world (My wife and I do a lot of global traveling and humanitarian work). So i started to look at use case projects. XRP stood out as a no brainer. IMO… integrated with the powers that be first (its got to be a win win), basically game the system and play the players. Cherry on top…. XRP is a very undervalued asset. So, even though the real estate market is great… i was looking for something to diversify into. XRP was an obvious choice to me. I've been buying XRP at the dips ever since (dollar cost averaging). And I'm not done…. my wife and i track the markets for the dips daily and continue to up our position. I've always believed in Luck being where skill meets opportunity. And here we are. Thanks for your contributions to the space.

  5. Don't really understand the value of paying for anything with my XRP at this price point. Seems like the only value would be if we wanted to be the XRP equivalent of the famous 'Bitcoin Pizza' guy…..
    Two Deluxe Domino's pizzas would run me about $26 (or 110.83976 XRP at this time). So when XRP finally 'moons' to a price point of $100 per XRP (fingers crossed, chicken sacrificed, horseshoe thrown over left shoulder…) then those two pizzas will have cost me $11,083.98 …….. no thanks, think I'll just continue to HODL. 🙂

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