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Ripple XRP: BitPay CEO Praises XRP & David Schwartz Still Holds XRP Despite Derisking In 2012

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I don't think any of it was a risk at this point. I'm sure he was holding millions sub .002 cent and sold a significant portion 3.80 all the way down. It's all profit. The risk was the realization that the growth potential has slowed drastically and that he may not live long enough to see that return. So in that case it was best to liquidate a few million bucks to establish long term assets for him and his family.

  2. David has lived a very different life from me then. I have been poor my entire life, so the risk for me is not investing. If I don't invest I'm sure to stay poor. The higher the risk the better in my opinion. I can always build a stock portfolio later, stocks are at where they are now. But you dont get amazing opportunities like crypto more than once in a lifetime. If it goes to zero, oh well, I stay where I'm at already. The risk is WELL worth it to me…of course, I see where this market is headed in the next decade, so it doesnt even seem like a risk. Also, in David's defense…2012 was a very different time for crypto than 2020.

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