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Ripple XRP: BlackRock CEO Negative On BTC But Bullish On Altcoins • Is Utility Their Strategy?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The momentum and excitement around cryptocurrency is undeniable and many investors are left scratching their heads. Bitcoin, or crypto assets more broadly, is a topic on which Is getting more and more questions. In an environment where liquidity is more than plentiful, and short-term rates are near zero percent, there can be an unimaginable amount of profit to be made and there is also risk involved. That is why you should be cautious and trade with the guidance of an expert when going into the crypto world with the help of Martin Calvert Frazier

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  4. For new investors, Bitcoin is not of interest!

    Say you put $10,000.- into Bitcoin and it goes to $100,000.- per coin (that is what "they" say BC Will reach, at twice the current value!), you'll only double your money!! That would put your assets at $20,000.-!!

    But when you invest in (let's say) XRP (now at roughly $1.-) and it goes to $60.- (a, [soon to be reached] projection named by many), that will multiply your investment by a factor of 60!!
    That would bring you to $600,000.-!!!

    And XRP is projected to become much, much bigger than that…

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