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Ripple XRP: Brad Garlinghouse Is Waiting For Utility To Drive XRP Price Higher

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  1. Xrp is it. Time is your barrier. If you cannot see it. Good… If you can.. Good… All i know is with FACTS.. Xrp will be worth more then what it is today. So will other coins.. But you better get it in your head. Xrp is not a shit coin. If you think that.. Your dumb or you are trying to maximize your profits… Both are ok because there are smart and dumb people in this world so take my words as they are.. Xrp will rise and be a important crypto.. Possibly 1#. If not damn near close and thats good enough.. It will come down to government. Nothing will pass that barrier. Thats the way humans think. Xrp is 1# on that race.. Politically.. Btc is the only think that can top it but in the end xrp being 2nd is still a unbeatable win. Understand CRYPTO!!!! You will be happy in the end.. Even after death because you have loved ones to boost even after death :). Screw you negative idiots.. Cant see shit unless its for yourself.

  2. XRP is a bridge currency right?!? It can be price set to $1000 per token and all it would mean is all the cross border payments and remittances would require less XRP to move over the network. Why are we waiting for volume to bring price up?!? Just flip the damn switch and set to price of XRP to Gold.. This is getting ridiculous… Speculation alone should have shot the price up over $10…

    how about explaining why Ripple's partner, Moneygram with it's 5 corridors is ONLY using XRP 10% for the transactions?!? Why are they purposely holding back on using XRP 100% for transactions??
    if the technology is working, why go for months in holding it back??

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