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Ripple XRP: Brad Garlinghouse Positive On EO, But Is It Good For Crypto & XRP Hodlers Specifically?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Setting us up for a regulatory rug pull. No matter what at the end of the day the administration is old money puppets. Old money don’t want new money. May seem good on face value like they always dress it up but when they are kicking the can down the road and putting more eyes on it could be for the very opposite manner in which we assume. Not to integrate all agencies to follow the space. It’s for all agencies to come together to present them with all kinds of inflated reasons of why retail shouldn’t hold crypto.

  2. I remember when you told me there was no such thing as the QFS. What happens when Russia tells the United States in order to get oil oil you must use gold or or the ruby coin. You have just now witnessed the decline of the petrol dollar. Wake up Wake up The quantum financial system is online. You are an a** clown. Going to the gold standard G I wonder what is backed by gold. Q

  3. Hey WMC! Avid listener and big fan from Canada. If by chance you read this ,I need your voice! I use the Coinfield exchange in Canada. A week ago I went to move some crypto and nothing seems to work? My friend is having the same problem. Can’t move money to other exchanges or to a hardwallet. I’ve messaged the company twice. First response I got was

    “Hope you are doing well.

    There is no issue with your recent withdrawal request. It's enqueued for manual authorization and will be processed soon.

    Please note that due to several reasons, some transactions require manual processing and can last longer than usual time.

    We will notify you once the transaction is processed.”

    So I messaged again asking what was going on and I got this response

    “Please be informed that the transaction details are already shared with the concerned team for further assistance.

    As soon as, any updates are available we will notify you.”

    So now what do I do 🤷🏻‍♂️ apparently it’s been this way for weeks. I know people who were funding the truckers and had their accounts frozen. I was not involved with that. I understand Coinfield is under new management so hopefully their working through some kinks, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. Any light you or any listeners could shine on this would be forever appreciated. 🙏

  4. I respect your content mate…The market is not being manipulated to screw you out of your trade. The market doesn't know who you are and our individual trade sizes are nowhere near big enough to be noticed, stop blaming outside factors when you lose a trade. Focus on refining your process and highlighting if there is anything you could’ve done better. If not, then it's just a loss, that's all. <That is why you should be caution and trade with the guidance of an expert when going into the crypto world. All thanks to exclusive signals from Andy Krieger I have made 19BTC in just 3 weeks of trading…….You can reach Andy on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉@AJkrieger

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