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Ripple XRP: Brad Garlinghouse Thinks XRP’s Price Would Perform Better With Regulatory Clarity

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Daily XRP News
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  1. How is it that they have so many partnerships and have locations outside the United States and not gain value you are telling me that just because the United States hasn’t given them regulatory clarity is why they can’t see a price jump even though banks from other countries are using it???

  2. Brad Garlinghouse is a babbling idiot… He keeps telling us that they need Regulatory Clarity.. Meanwhile the DOJ and FINCEN already declared it as a virtual currency which means it's money. If it's money then why in the hell does he say the SEC needs to make their decision on it?!? The SEC doesn't deal with currency or money.. So what in the fuqqin hell is he going on about?!? and what does Ripple possibly moving it's HQ somewhere outside the US supposed to do with XRP already being labeled as a `virtual currency'?!?

    Furthermore who are these goddamn idiots that are selling constantly at low prices?!? Buy it up and take it off the goddamn exchanges and don't sell a single XRP unless it's $25+ Everybody is waiting for the massive wall of money to enter the market… They've been saying that for 2+ years…. Why is it that BTC can get to $12K and XRP pops to 32 cents, but BTC gets to $16K+ and XRP is fighting to just get to 27 or 28 cents?!? WTF is this shit?!?

  3. bullshit, bullshit and loads more xrp bullshit……if price was related to regulatory clarity, then why is BTC not affected? XRP = super dudd and stable coin….as well as merely a financing vehicle for Ripple….people buying on hype and FOMO are actually financing Ripple…it's not a hodling investment

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