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Ripple XRP Bull Runs More Stressful Than Bear Runs. Be Ready.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. Take it "Off the table" for what, fiat? I mean I get it , but really…. That's like saying I'm going to trade my wood-house and get this Cardboard box house because everyone lives in cardboard boxes. That stuff isn't going to last the coming rain. Fiat is going to vapor. It will be gone the way of a morning mist and so will the debt that is valued in Fiat currencies.
    I'm not selling XRP for anything less than Agricultural Land, Gold, or Silver. Maybe some nice art or an airplane. The future will make farmers rich along with Crypto HODLERs. Very soon, the means for Food Production will once again be the investment everyone want's/needs. IMHO
    Why do I think that? Because like Digital Assets Farm Land is real, It can't manipulated or inflated. It is a real asset that has real world use cases. Just like XRP and TRON. You will have to own some or your grand kids are going to piss on your grave for relegating them to a lifetime of serfdom. Try talking my boys into buying a FAANG Stock. LOL Ain't going to happen. They do however each own 16 acres of ag-land free and clear. Along with Bags of Crypto. Their futures so bright I bought-em shades for Christmas. 😉

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