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Ripple XRP: Buy The Mystery, Sell The History & Mastercard Wirex Partnership

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. My only concern is that bnb burns its coins and they can make more so is that the same thing that we are doing for the usd? we print as much as we want and it's not backed by anything so what makes bnb valuable? They burn the coin then make more whenever they need to where is the true value?????????????

  2. ..People who bought at 005 were selling at 10 an 20 cents before the 3 usd price ..You have got to be prepared to wait 2 3 4 years or even longer ,,,land Investors have held on for over 15 years for a sell or more for the big pay off ..this is SHAKE OUT TIME Y'ALL to get the small fry out of the pot just like the same strategy when they got small fry out of Tech Socks with low long prices and relaying fake bad news that made prices stagnant ,and big dawgs bought it up and slayed it and poor small fry missed the boat because they were fooled into selling their stock ,,,We are the small fry ..Buy a bit more and keep on holdin on keep the XRP and invest some in ETH TEZOS CHAINLINK BAT BITCOIN ..You cannot count on one alone …Keep your HEAD ,forget the prices , wait until a big fat run ..

  3. The possibility the CTO of r3 cannot talk about Ripple and or XRP may have to do with the grounds of settlement of the lawsuit.

  4. As weird as it sounds, I'm watching kin again. While its volume has dropped, it is sitting on a new price floor. Could be an interesting dark horse once their Solana chain transition has taken place, giving them superior tx processing rates to many mainnets in the space.

  5. only an idiot would buy xrp right now. even if it pumps 50% in one go, it'd be at 30 cents? LOL. pathetic. shit volume too. Banks are using it? Really? Where? This shitcoin needs to be pumped by at least 300% before it is even comparable with the gains ethereum made since march. and the likelihood that this shitcoin is going to get a 300% pump in the near future is 0. I don't expect xrp hodlers to follow what I just said. I don't think xrp moonboys understand what opportunity costs mean.

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