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Ripple XRP: Can A 400% Increase Bring XRP To $2.56 By August 2021? & FLR Spark Distribution Plan

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The IRS Has stated that there is no such thing as a $0 value airdropped cryptocurrency. It will take them about 18 months to come out with an appraised value which mean everyone will have to do amended returns based on the value the IRS will attribute to Spark. Looks like Hugo’s advisor in this matter didn’t see this curve ball coming. Moreover, if everybody gets comfortable with an initial false sense of security with the current tax structure assumptions might cause many tears and wreck people in ways they can’t imagine forcing a sell pressure that might cause this overly ambitious project to fail. Not saying it will but Flare is NOT XRP or XRPL. People better make an informed decision before there is blood in the street and at home

  2. Shit show that $3 I heard 3 months ago now I'm hearing again and again and by 2025 eont change. It won't happen if the thieves and criminals of SEC, judges and Government still breathing.

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