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Ripple XRP: Can XRP REALLY Get To 10,000? Revisited In 2020

This video is made by Working Money Channel.

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  1. A financial reset can peg XRP to any value or the value of any asset such as gold, so long as it is agreed upon by all parties involved. The USD will be irrelevant as it will become totally obsolete. The banks don't want to lose grip, but they will have no choice. We are in a perfect storm for this to happen now. I believe the goal is to move away from multiple currencies, and to have just one universal currency to eliminate currency manipulation across nations. This, in essence, will create the level playing field for productive economy growth. Listen to all the clues from the big people (Trump, Judy Shelton, Christine Lagarde, Brian Brooks). I can't see it any other way.

  2. XRP ATH is roughly under $4 and since then it has struggled “Biggly” to hit .50 cents! Yet alone struggle to maintain .25 cents! So hearing price predictions of $10k is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! And I hold XRP! Have it locked away and hope I’m wrong about this scolding but as of now reporting like this is complete trash and BS.

  3. I just have one question for those who find it hard to believe a $10k XRP is NOT possible within 5 years…. If I told you 5 years ago THE WORLD ECONOMY would be brought to a grinding hault and the government’s of the world would be passing out money to citizens like they all closed on Real Estate deals would you believe me? We live in unbelievable times ANYTHING is POSSIBLE (.)

  4. can't believe you don't do more research. This is not the blackjack player. Basically he has been ousted from his own company board for the Wynn casino because of sexual harassment and he is almost blind, doubt he can see the cards now if he was playing. If this is the research you do for articles, I would say you are being exposed. I am a long time xrp holder and I know you have been doing these articles for a long time , but wow!

  5. HEADS UP Working Money Channel! This is not the same Steve Wynn; American real estate businessman, art collector and owner of the Wynn hotel in Vegas.

  6. If you are trying to go on historical markets and data, I'm sorry to inform you but you have no leg to stand on. Digital Markets have NO historical data. XRP's price has already been agreed to and they don't have five or ten years to play around and wait on the public to figure it out. You are either in and ready or you are out an unprepared. The former will eat the later like sharks to a feeding frenzy. They already told you five years ago that it would be five years before they were ready, keep thinking that it's another five years and be chum for the sharks.

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