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Ripple XRP: Cash Out Plan Excel UPDATED! Quant CEO On XRPL Integration & Flare FXRP Walkthrough

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  1. "XRP THE STANDARD!!" the Working Money Channel woke up screaming. Where was he? What day was it? Was that actually just a dream, or was it a vision? "Sweetheart, what's wrong?" his wife groaned from nearby. "Not now honey, I gotta go check the price of XRP!" Full speed ahead, he dashed. The house was near pitch black but to the Working Money Channel, this did not matter. Nothing in this moment mattered more than getting to his iPhone. He could not ignore what had come so naturally to him in his sleep. There he sat, front row for the big event. David Schwartz, Brad Garlinghouse, and even Jed McCaleb up there on the stage together. Brad spoke. "Thank you all for coming, I believe we have quite a pleasant announcement for you all this afternoon. Jed and David here have decided that if the price of XRP were higher than it is now, they could make a lot more money from their dumps. We've all come to an agreement that, today is the day you've all been waiting for…" Brad reached into his pocket and pulled out a small beige coloured box, with a… could it be? The crowd audibly gasped in unison as the realization set in. Then the deafening chant began, "FLIP THAT SWITCH!! FLIP THAT SWITCH!! FLIP THAT SWITCH!!" The iPhone. Hidden in a case locked behind 10 combination locks. A counter measure to keep him off of his phone at night, not that it really worked that well. His deranged fingers plucked at the metal. "XRP gold backed $2000 cross border remittance greatest digital asset ever crea-" He let out a marvelously loud fart and he could have sworn that the curtains moved a little. "Dang, too much cinnamon in my coffee." He frantically opened the Coinbase app. "Fuckin' Chainlink up 15% again, really?!" He let out a disappointed sigh, and another fart, as he noticed XRP at $0.29, the same price it had been 3 years ago. Some day he would be rich. Some day, the dreams would become reality. It could be tomorrow, it could be another 5 years from now. His bags were heavy, but so were his eyes. So so tired… the partnerships… the bread crumbs… the sell button…

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