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Ripple XRP: Christy Ai Thinks Ripple’s IPO Could Render XRP Worthless & Obsolete. Could This Happen?

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. People PLEASE!! For freak sakes when will "commentators" like Christy STOP with the gross ignorance??? Seriously!! Ripple going public means SHARES of the company sold to strengthen their efforts at expansion and, ding ding ding, cut way back on or stop sales of XRP to gain funds. Also, use some critical thinking. Are shares of ripple going to be used as the utility for cross boarder transactions? No of course not. That's what XRP is for. Apparently back to Ripple 101. XRP is the UTILITY with which the XRPL is based on and the UTILITY cross boarde payments are settled with. Buying XRP does NOT give you a stake in the company or make you a share holder. Otherwise, wait for it, that would make XRP a security! Ok with that said. Going IPO means SHARES of Ripple the company will be sold to investors as, wait for it, securities and will be typical SHARES to increase in wealth over time and the higher holders will have ability to influence the movement of the company etc etc. Two……totally……..different……..things and purposes! If this still scares you, then please sell. Please. Help drop the price some for a moment so I can buy more on the cheap and later invest in vacation rentals I'll pay for outright and earn residual income on while you rent from me with your Christmas bonus from work. Translation: Commentators like Christy, know what the freak you are talking about or shut your mouth! Everybody else…..CALM DOWN and think!

  2. Just a note I'm not on anybody's side, I'm on my side!! think about it, if xrp was supposed to be over $100 plus…. Why in the world would IRS give it back in tax returns? think about it. They don't want anyone being rich but themselves. Keven Cage vids. Tax returns.

  3. Moron Christy Ai, she cant even fathom how XRP makes banks and Cross Border transactions easier than ever. She is clueless and ignorant to her words as she didnt know what XRP's usecase and utulity use… Seems like she's been paid tho 🙂 to say that…

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