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Ripple XRP: Coincidence REALLY? MtGox Domain Bought By Jed McCaleb From Dept. Of Homeland Security?!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. It's that old, if a tree falls in the woods and bit boy isn't there to hear it, doesn't make us sound, question 🤣

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  3. Specially for PRIZM, a unique Paramining technology was created. The use of modern technologies of the POS protocol, instead of the time-consuming and energy-intensive POW systems, which allows saving significant funds and directing them to the environment, charity and the development of innovative projects.

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  5. Respect to the author. The video is helpful. Bitcoin is hard to predict. A lot of manipulation. I am for eco technology. When you don’t have to spend a lot of energy to generate new coins. My choice is PRIZM: PoS ParaMining. Coins are mined immediately to the wallet. New technologies have a future.

  6. Nothing stands still in the world, and the cryptocurrency sphere is no exception, everyone should switch to PoS mining technology in PRIZM as a more economical, environmentally friendly and, at the end, more profitable cryptocurrency mining process!

  7. Video in the topic. Like. Everyone is afraid of halving. Now there is a manipulation of the cryptocurrency market. I chose PRIZM. PoS + ParaMining (eco-friendly, no-cost mining) mining technology. Own blockchain, transparent structure, TOP exchange.

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