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Ripple XRP: Could Australia Be On Track To Be The Largest Ripple & XRP Adopter?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Australia has had a domestic PayID and instant payments between banks for almost two years. You can set your bank account to receive money using your email address or mobile phone number. All someone needs is your email or mobile number to send you money. Money is in your bank account in seconds, regardless of which bank you are with.

  2. I'm in Oz, have done a heap of research over past few years. From what I can see, Ripple and XRP was looked at and documented on between 2014-2018, then it was decided that NPP was the solution, which essentially means it is sticking with the incumbents… the NPP is a medium term (5 year) solution.
    XRP is only being used by very small businesses here, and the big players in this space are sticking with incumbents on a new platform (that still requires pre funded accounts).

  3. YT- NEW MONEY: THE GREATEST WEALTH CREATION IN HISTORY. A sneak peek at how everything will play out. The roll out of any digital currencies will be the same…just a matter of time.

  4. Have a look at btcmarkets, connected to odl, also a part of NPP and now a part of this recent Payid initiative. A rabbit hole?

  5. Thanks, WMC! Sorry to hear about your twitter issues, that is highly unfortunate. Sorry family.
    In regards to projects with utility, top to bottom in positions: XRP, XTZ, VET, ADA, ALGO and BTC. For STO's, BTR and BNB. I will probably jump into Coinbase when they IPO and STO, Ripple (Naturally), and a couple others. The future is bright; thank you for you content family. I enjoy it on a daily! 🙂 BULLISH

    EDIT Since I just got to the part talking about $BNB. In regards to BNB, it is a security/utility token for Binance. This is their Security(As far as I understand it). Once main stream gets in, BNB will be one to have in the portfolio simply because they're the top leaders in this space. Thoughts?

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