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Ripple XRP: Could India’s Onboarding 1.2 Billion Citizens Be The SWELL Announcement Ripple Makes?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Я не понимаю людей, которые не покупают токены GRAM от Telegram) неужели вы действительно не понимаете, что они могут вырасти в цене в 10-30 раз? Я купила 2000 токенов в их ICO

  2. I do believe that XRP is the best digital asset for the regular investor. It's backed by a real world company who has designed software and are building connections and use cases to use that digital asset. Bitcoin lost its "use case" after the silk road was shut down.

    Question for Bitcoin maxshitheads; what is Bitcoins real use case today? Grocery shopping? Coffee? Dinner? Online shopping? Cross border payments? Online payments? Micro payments? What's the percentage in lightning? When will lightning be "decentralized" or does it matter since it Bitcoin?


  3. Hi all. With the recent media blitz a recap at SWELL would be amazing without any additional announcements. But I'm sure more news will be announced. HODL, it's going to be an epic ride into history. Enjoy it.

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