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Ripple XRP: Could MajorTomXRP’s Assessment Of A $900/XRP To Change The IMS Be On Point?

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  1. Pump incoming 4, 5th September maybe a little pump over weekend weekday casino closes they move over to weekend casino cryptos the whole system house of cards based on manipulation run by insiders for insiders cold blooded psychopaths

  2. So many CEOs are cashing in on their shares. Moderna, Apple, etc. They DEFINITELY know something we don't, which means the worst is probably yet to come. Insider trading much?

  3. We are all talking about all of this rationally, but are our Governments truly talking about it rationally ? People in power usually DON'T want to lose power, wars have been waged throughout our history to keep control of power. Gold has been manipulated by our Governments throughout history, just saying, whereas Bitcoin has the only true store of value that's determined by the people of the world, period.

  4. didn't watch the video but I promise you xrp will never get near 900.00 in 4 lifetimes look at the max supply lol I can see 6.00 MAX so buy at .30 cents sell near all times high!!!

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  6. The reason ripple/xrp has not taken over is because the founders own to much, let me explain because I know your a different type of character, lets say xrp made it to 500 bucks and Chris Larsen, for example you can stick Brad, David, Britto are who ever you likes name there that is a founder, has 5 billion do the math we can even drop that down lets say Brad has 4 Billion or drop it even more David has 2 billion any of those outcomes would make them over 1 trillion to 2 Trillion dollars rich let that sink in I mean really just be quiet for a few seconds and think about that, several people with over a trillion dollars a piece, if you actually think that the powers that be would ever allow that then I can't help you your mental state is in a constant twilight zone, I don't even have to explain any further but with that said ripple/xrp will be big and to get to 500 would take 10 or more years but it will hit 50-100 fairly soon like 3 years that's my personal prediction but changes will have to be made the founders will have to do a Jed and spread it out but unlike Jed not to cash out but to different institutions, see ripple thought giving them the open ledger was enough but they just hold to much, me personally I understand but the powers just won't let them be trillionaires its just not going to happen like that. I just heard Bezos is a 200 billion dollar man at this very moment he is the richest man in the world let that sink in 200 billion is nowhere near 1 trillion and it would be multiple people with that kind of money, it just will not happen like that no way no how.

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