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Ripple XRP: Crypto Fear Index Extremely High & SCB Opening Ripple-Powered B2B Payments

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  1. Nice video, as usual. For bitcoin, The bulls are still under pressure and if the dip isn’t over as expected, we may still see $6,000 this week but the trend still shows BTC would have a strong close this year and see a new all-time high before the second quarter of 2020. So, we must be on a positive lookout and build a solid portfolio and the safest way about this is by trading daily. But extra care must be considered when you decide to trade on your own. The best approach is to be guided by an expert trader with a very strong success rate. My choice remains Michelle Robert. With her precision almost 100%, I applied her approach and was able to trade 0.9 BTC into 2.4 BTC in about 3 weeks. In appreciation of her services, I’d like to make others know of this super trader. Y'all can reach out to her through Her whatapp +17164953214

  2. Cash flow is tight. I am dollar cost averaging and looking for deals. Buying small amounts. I did sell some coin to get cash flow for the next couple of months. I preferred not to sell as I think the market is low and will rise. But peace of mind is worth something too and I didn’t want to get caught in an even bigger down turn. I didn’t see my small business having a 3 month hiatus, but I’m far from destitute. Just re assessed my positions and getting for whatever happens. Stay safe and healthy. Health is wealth.

  3. i´m all in on crypto with just a little cash to live off for the next few months. I feel good about my XRP bag, but I want to get some silver (I live in Mexico, I'm pretty sure I can get it still). Thinking about selling some of my XLM bag, even at a loss, to get some silver.

  4. 10 cents is wayyyy to cheap for something as promising as Xrp. Xrp was built for enterprise use, it’s not meant for us. They ain’t going to make it easy to grab a ton. I think stellar will be the coin for the masses.

  5. I'm not doing great. I was laid off from my job last Monday and also had to stop driving Uber part time on the weekends. My wife's daycare closed, but she still works part time for our church. I'm waiting to hear from unemployment and hoping that the stimulus helps enough to get us through this. I'm still holding my XRP and will continue to hold it, but I can't buy more right now even though I'd love to.

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