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Ripple XRP: David Schwartz Explains Why Euro USD ODL Corridor Opened Against Ripple’s Plan

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  3. I'm just curious why we would have another rally? Litteraly no digital.asset except for XRP is being used beyond day-trading. Nobody outside of crypto-nerds really gives a crap about BTC and it's all just whale games trying to wring a few more $ out of day-traders. It's not like any new money is coming in, just whales hopping out of tether for a bit.

    If there is some manipulated pump, everybody better have some sitting on the exchange to dump pronto before you're stuck holding for another 3 years. No utility volume = pump and dump.

  4. It's really sad that when you say XRP is faster and cheaper than BTC it gets political and tribal, people its numbers on a screen, there is no debating it, its black and white, numbers dont lie.

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