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Ripple XRP: David Schwartz Not Interested In Critics Of XRP In Areas Where It’s Superior To BTC

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. David schwartz made very unintelligent comment comparing sale of bitcoin to Ripple sale of XRP . He should not talk if he can not tell the whole truth . XRP owned by Ripple has zero value(created out of thin air ) and that does not add value to XRP ecosystem . In facts it is diluting market cap of XRP which is reflected in the price of XRP . On other hand there is real cost of producing Bitcoin and that adds to the value of Bitcoin ecosystem . That is why Bitcoin is over $10000 and XRP at $0.25 and likely to stay below $1 for a long time . Ripple is selling XRP to benefit Ripple Inc. and not XRP. Ripple has managed to transfer lot of value from XRP to Ripple . Ripple's few hundred million investment turned into 5 billion and XRP into $0.25

  3. I think everybody knows XRP and BTC are two different coins . Nobody is saying bitcoin is faster than XRP . Whenever they can not answer they just bring bitcoin in conversation . There is no reason why he can not answer with straight face Why Ripple is selling XRP ? Why the price of XRP is so low ? Ripple and the gang are holding over 90% of XRP and they are not the buyers . How can the price move higher when these sellers are supplying millions of XRP per day in down trending XRP market . You do not have to be genius to know that. David can not defend Ripple's action unless he is a hypocrite .

  4. Bitcoin's volume is unremarkable. It's volume seems to vacillate up…then back down within a set channel much the same as its price has for quite some time imo. It hasn't really broken out yet. BAKKT coming online might just be the catapult it needs.

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