Ripple XRP: David Schwartz Price Predictions

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Daily XRP News
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  1. OZ, do you own any other cryptos? I had about 20, narrowed it down to BTC and XRP and BNB, with two outsiders I like – OMG and Zcoin. I had 90% in XRP a year ago but now about 40%. Do you think XRP has more chance of a big rise than BTC in the next few weeks? I do, and gambling on that fact. If I'm wrong and XRP starts to show a rise, I can move it back. I doubt it will rise to $5 overnight, but would be rich if it did, buying much at 15 c!

  2. I used to be a supporter of XRP and loaded up huge bags. Then I started shorting and haven’t looked back. Why? I realized something. Ripple, Chris Larsen, Brad, Jed Mcaleb, David Schwartz all dump nearly 1 billion XRP on the market every month. They have made over 2billion dollars doing this for the past 3 years and don’t plan to stop. If XRP was going to $10 or more, why are they selling at pennies, even after they have made billions from selling. They have more than enough to operate for years to come. So why are they selling? Would you keeping selling your BTC for $6 dollars if you knew and believed it was headed to $10,000? No you wouldn’t. Ripple is using XRP as a piggy bank. And because the ILP can work with any token, I believe they will settle the nostro vostro issue using a brand new asset created by banks and IMF. Ripple and it’s tech has been chosen. XRP has not. Price is dead and will not move beyond .50 cents again.

  3. You can church it up all you want but the fact is, XRP is continuing being stifled and undervalued by ripple themselves; dumping 1 billion tokens a month wtf?. They need to burn 50% of their escrow now.

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