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Ripple XRP: DEEPER DIVE Into Bearableguy123’s 2020 Christmas Riddle

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. David Schwartz said 2021 was too late, hit the switch, before the first. so many have shaken out. They won’t get us all, and they can’t wait forever

  2. The true leaders talk in both numbers and symbols and it would be wise to pay attention to the corporate logo, they say a lot about who is a major player and who is not. There is much more to the number 33 than just being the top degree of Freemasonry, that would be at the lowest level of its meaning. Even the date that Jay Clayton stepped down has meaning with a reference to the Holly King, death of the old and the birth of the new. Going back to the 2019 picture you have the molasses jar on the shelf and below that the judges gavel. So it would seem that this case has been planned for over a year. Brads armor can have a dual meaning as well, 1 A reference to gold and 2. A reference to the sun. The person holding the cards is a banker, he wears a gray suit, if he was of the government the suit would be dark blue. Notice that the mystics wear brown and gray. The brown is the occult or hidden knowledge which is bigger than the gray the hidden financial rulers with the scepter. The wall that Brad is pointing to contains 72 bricks that references to Ripple, XRP and to himself. The keys on the floor are arranged in the symbol for the sun and the golden key. The books on the bookshelf are not random but I am not going into that. Nothing in this picture is random, it is telling you everything you need to know if you can read it.

  3. Somewhere there's a 13 year old who is like I can't believe I get these idiots to see spend hours dissecting my cartoon pictures. Morons.

  4. Joke. My mom bet me – who will get more in the crypt. She cheated: she found a group of professional player Walter CoinCoin in the Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel. He shows how to automatically copy his actions using the service. As a result, I woeked hard, and my mother used this service, did not sit in front of the computer at all and won me over. The end.

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